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Raising a smart child
Every parent's dream is a healthy, happy, and smart child. Scientists and child psychologists have written more than a dozen books on this topic. Some recommend finger games for the…

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Raising a smart child

Every parent’s dream is a healthy, happy, and smart child. Scientists and child psychologists have written more than a dozen books on this topic. Some recommend finger games for the development of children, others – non-standard tasks. Parents need to know how to raise a smart child. We made a selection of what everyday habits will help develop children’s intelligence.

The book is not only a great gift, but also a very important companion of man. It is thanks to the books that our development goes. Fiction develops our imagination, imagination, imaginative thinking, replenishes vocabulary. Popular science manuals and encyclopedias expand our erudition and horizons. When we retell someone the contents of a book we like, we train memory, attention and communication skills.

From childhood, it is necessary to instill a love of literature in childhood. Reading stimulates the brain, tells us general and specific knowledge about the world, nature and its secrets, plants and animals, space and galaxies.

Reading develops in us the skill of reasoning, analysis. It helps us draw conclusions and make the right decisions. Often in books we can find the answer to a question that has long tormented us.

Parents should remember that the child always looks at adults. Therefore, it is important that mom and dad read in the family. After all, the baby completely copies the behavior of adults. It is impossible to demand a love of reading from the baby if mom spends time on the phone and dad on the TV.

A distinctive quality of a child is curiosity. Every day from an early age, the baby learns something new and unknown. It is necessary to stimulate his curiosity. The baby may have a million “Why?” And parents must answer every question. Curiosity is a good quality of a child, because it allows him to involuntarily develop his intellectual abilities, helps to collect luggage of knowledge and skills. The more curiosity a child shows in childhood, the greater the likelihood that he will be smart and smart in the future.

Hobbies come from curiosity. Let’s say the baby really liked the bright ladybugs. He learned about them from dad, then looked into the encyclopedia, watched a video on the Internet. Do not have time to look around, as your baby is already interested in biology.

While the child is small, it is necessary to develop his mental abilities in a playful way. Then he will quickly learn new information and will not get bored. It is necessary to play educational games with your child at home or to give them up for additional educational classes. Either at home or in a training center, you need to stimulate the brain to complex tasks that correspond to the age of the baby. Then the child will learn analysis, logical thinking, the ability to draw conclusions. These qualities will help him to study well at school in the future. It is necessary to regularly repeat everything that the baby has learned in previous classes.

Scientists have found that when a child quickly pedals a bicycle, and then brakes sharply, activity of the frontal lobes of the brain occurs, that is, intelligence develops. This is due to the fact that during moderate physical exertion, the work of nerve cells of the gray matter increases, branching of neural processes (dendrites) accelerates. New neural networks are also being formed in the areas responsible for memory, learning and thinking in general. So go in for sports with the whole family, set an example for children, and it will be easier for them to study at school.

Raising an intelligent child from birth is not an easy task. But there are some tips that will help you with this.

The work of hands. All parents know that fine motor skills develop the brain. It is not necessary to force the child to embroider a cross-stitch every day. According to scientists, it is enough to carry out any minor action carefully and consciously, for example, shred the cabbage, wipe from the table, brush your teeth, glue the appliqué, tie the shoelaces, fasten the buttons and so on.
Hassle in the kitchen. We continue the culinary theme: our brain is activated at the time of cooking, anticipating a delicacy. When we cook, we smell and at the same time hear the sound of cracking oil in a pan – our brain begins to work in an increasing fashion. Maximum heat occurs when the dish is served. Do culinary delights and increase intelligence!

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