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Young children of two years old are not shy to express their feelings. When a baby laughs sincerely and fervently, even the most serious adult cannot hold back a smile.…

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A greedy child is a parental problem. And it must be solved. But first you need to understand whether the baby’s greed is realized or, because of his age, he simply does not know what it is.

When the baby is only one year old, then there can be no talk of greed. The child only learned to talk, and there is no need to put pressure on him with moral principles.

At two years old, the child understands that there are his things, and there are strangers. He perceives toys, sweets, clothes as a continuation of his own “I”. The kid needs to inspire confidence that his things are only his, and no one can take them without permission.

At three years old, the child must learn to say a solid “No.” Otherwise, he will become the object of manipulation, and his life will turn into a nightmare. Parents should teach the child that there are differences between rejection and greed. Failure is the protection of one’s things, and greed is a stupid and harmful quality.

At four years old, the child embarks on a new stage of socialization. Communication comes to the fore, and things play a secondary role, they only help to start a conversation and find friends. At this age, the child understands that it will be easier for him to establish communication with peers if he shares sweets, lends a typewriter or a doll, gives a pen.

At five to seven years old, the cause of greed may be the child’s internal disharmony. Sometimes it happens that a child does not want to share with a younger brother or sister. In this case, most likely, the whole thing is children’s jealousy. If this is the case, then parents need to talk with the older child, because the topic of jealousy in the family is of great importance, and this problem must be solved as soon as possible.

As soon as you begin to notice the first manifestations of greed, you need to understand the nature of its occurrence.

There are several main reasons:

Attention deficit.

As a rule, this happens with parents who work very hard. Parents try to replace attention with numerous gifts. The value of gifts in the perception of the child increases, and he begins to be greedy.

Excessive attention.

All parents love their child very much, but allowing and forgiving him absolutely everything, mom and dad raise a little manipulator. It is important to maintain balance.

Fear of loneliness.

At an early age for a baby, toys replace friends. The child is afraid to be alone, so he does not want to share his friends with anyone.


As a rule, a child is jealous of his parents for brothers and sisters, especially younger ones. And if they get more attention, he begins to show discontent, turning into aggression, and, as a result, greed.


The child is very worried about his things, afraid that someone will break or ruin his toys. As a result, he does not want to give them to anyone.

greedy child what to do

If a greedy child grows up in a family, parents should know what to do. The child always sees how his friends have new toys. Of course, he wants to have the same, if not better. No need to immediately run to the store and indulge all the vagaries of your picks. Teach your child to appreciate the work of others and to understand how difficult it all gets. Weaning a child from greed is not so difficult. Here are some suggestions.

In a relaxed manner, tell your child why you shouldn’t be greedy and it’s important to share. Give examples from real life. Find fairy tales or cartoons in which the characters are greedy and fall into difficult situations. After reading, talk with the child, ask what conclusion he made, did he understand that greed is bad.

Moral values ​​are laid in 4-5 years. It is important not to lose time. During this period, talk with your child about good and evil, truth and lies, mercy and greed. It is necessary to instill in the child moral qualities that in the future will help him understand in difficult situations.

Clearly distinguish between the child’s greed and natural desire to defend and protect their individuality and rights.

Do not take away a toy from your child against his will in order to give it to another baby. This can be seen as a betrayal. It is necessary to explain to him so that he himself wants to share.

Do not forget to motivate and praise the child. Let his good deeds be associated with his parental approval. Only then can he draw the right conclusions.

Most importantly, you need to understand that greed at a certain age is normal. Be patient, become a good teacher, friend for your child. So he will feel how good deeds in life come back.

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